Progress TM. Ultimate traffic trading software

Hello! My name is Victor (aka Kildoozer), and I'm programmer since 1995. I don't wanna explain you why my script the 'best of the best' and you must use it :) I just wanna ask you to TRY my brand-new script 'Progress TM' on your site and you'll see that traffic on this site will grow up.
Why? I'm in the 'adult biz' since 1997 and I know what's the 'right' trade, which trade better and which worse. Which trade use hitbots and which don't.
I know how to protect your sites from traffic leachers and scammers. Progress TM isn't my first trade script, so I have a great experience in this way.

Some facts about Progress TM:

  • Progress TM is really fast. Average execution time for in.php and out.php about 0.8 msec!. It's means about 1250 hits per second (in reality it will be less, because of network delays, CPU loads by other programs).
  • Progress TM has minimal server requirements. MySQL and crontab not needed at all.
  • Progress TM has protection from hard drive overfilling. Database engine very stable and can be broken only if hard drive broken.
  • Progress TM has advanced anticheat module, based on morphing Javascript.
  • Progress TM has ULTIMATE assortment of advanced settings, which allow you manipulate your traffic without any limits.

Download Progress Tm Installer.

Script conception. Simple and Clever

Why Simple? You don't need to be guru to manage this script. Everything is settled up for getting quick start. All parameters tuned for stable growing your traffic. Admin area has user friendly design.

Why Clever? Progress TM is a completely up-to-date software. It uses a lots of trade characteristics to get trade more balanced and productive. It uses some know-how technologies.  It meets all modern requirements for trade scripts and even more.


The script fully compatible with all thumbs rotators (like Smart Thumbs or Comus Thumbs) and CMS.


Progress TM has 'free' and paid versions.
'Free' version skims 0.8% of outgoing traffic. It's random skim, with no countries, number of clicks or origin preferences.
version don't skim any traffic.
Prices for paid version are: $99 first copy and $69 all other copies. Every 7th copy for free.

Script upgrades

Progress TM updated on regular basis, about twice per month. All upgrades are free.

Download Progress Tm Installer.