Complete script specification.

Incoming traffic

  • Ability to set personal 'face' for each trader.
  • Ability to redirect all incoming traffic from trader to specified URL
  • Ability to show different main pages for every non-unique visit

Outgoing traffic

  • Ability to detect 'noimg', 'filtered', 'fast' traffic.
  • Ability to separate managing for notcounted, filtered, noimg, fast, noref, proxy, bookmark, notrades, nocookie traffic
  • Ability to Use external user info feature.


  • Individual main pages supports.
  • Max. ratio
  • Max out per hour
  • Hourly forces
  • Timed forces (forces for several hours with some delay before start)
  • Requirement of some minimum trade for being trade active.
  • Factor (points multiplier)
  • Individual trade scheme (skimming)
  • Belongings to Groups (niches)
  • Site name for toplists
  • Site description for toplists
  • Site banner for toplists
  • Complete webmaster info
  • Individual background color (for admin area)


  • Domain names blacklist (with mask support)
  • Webmaster IPs' blacklist
  • Server IPs' blacklist (with diapasons support)
  • Name servers' blackist
  • Webmasters' emails blackist
  • Common blacklist feature


  • Last hour, last 24 hours main stats
  • Anticheat stats
  • Hourly stats
  • Link stats
  • Multisite stats
  • Surfers activity
  • Active IP
  • Fast clicks
  • Delivered URLs
  • History logs
  • Countries stats
  • Referrers
  • Script health

A lots of features missed here, just install the script and you'll see.