Dynamic trading schemes.

These are scheduled or conditioned trading schemes. For a conditioned scheme you can add any number of rules (conditions) which will change the scheme when executed. A few examples:
Condition 1.
    Every Friday, on 20.00 PM, change trading scheme from 60% of content to 40% of content. Use this scheme for 2 days.
This way, every Friday evening (before the weekend, when there is less traffic), the script will automatically apply a new trading scheme with low skimming, which will increase traded traffic. On Monday the script will then be ready to a traffic increase.
Condition 2.
 Everyday, from 1 AM to 8 AM, turn on the following scheme : 'first click to content, the rest - to trades'.
If you check your traffic stats, you'll notice (for example) that from 1 to 8 AM there is considerably less traffic. At that moment you can lower your skimming to level the difference and to be 'stronger' than your competitors.
Condition 3.
    If DayOut/DayIn < 0.8, turn on a used-defined trading scheme.
There are 30 available variables to be used. You can compare variables with variables as well as variables with constants. In this example, we are dealing with DayOut/DayIn ratio - this is the 'Return' parameter. If it gets lower than 0.8, the script will automatically use a new trading scheme. As I have already said, there can be as many rules as you want for each scheme. You can set priorities for these rules. You can delay a scheme's application after a rule has been verified.

Please read also complete description of 'dynamic trade schemes' feature.